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The End

Dear Customer,

After almost forty years of trading, supplying retailers world-wide with official music merch and memorabilia, we have to call it a day. The market has changed, and it's a very different world in which we find ourselves. The niche we once filled appears to have gone and we found no other opportunities.

Our customers are retailers, so we didn't want to go into retail and compete with those who have always supported us. Our suppliers are licensing companies, so we didn't want to upset them, and lose their products, by becoming a licenser and manufacturer company. We could see no other avenue.

We have listed below contact details of all current suppliers to enable you to continue to source the stock you require. We don't want our hardship to also become yours, we want you to go on and continue to be successful. These suppliers will have lost the sales that they would normally have made to us; we hope they will cooperate with you and both you and they can establish a good trading relationship.

Yours sincerely,

Masons Music Ltd

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