Killing Joke - Laugh? I nearly bought one

Album Notes Killing Joke: Jaz Coleman (vocals, keyboards); Geordie (guitar); Youth, Raven (bass); Big Paul Ferguson, Martin Atkins (drums).Additional producers: Conny Plank, Chris Himsey, Killing Joke.Spanning the first 13 years of Killing Joke's recording history, LAUGH documents the evolution of an enigmatic band that has always challenged its own musical identity. Opening with "Turn to Red," an early effort at dub, the album highlights the numerous changes that Killing Joke subjected itself to over the years. Also present is "Eighties," a catchy New Wave rocker that won the band a temporary mainstream spotlight with its inclusion in the DOCTOR DETROIT soundtrack.The later cuts find Killing Joke experimenting more with tape loops and synthesizers than before, and Jaz Coleman's voice is less gravelly than in its 1980s incarnation, yet the band retains a certain hard edge. LAUGH provides an excellent sampling of one of the '80s' most uncompromising bands.

1. Turn To Red 2. Pssyche 3. Requiem 4. War Dance 5. Follow The Leader 6. Unspeakable 7. Butcher 8. Exit 9. Hum 10. Empire Song 11. Chop Chop 12. Sun Goes Down 13. Eighties 14. Darkness Before Dawn 15. Love Like Blood 16. Winter Gardens 17. Age Of Greed

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Killing Joke - Laugh? I nearly bought one
Date Added: 14th Jun, 2016

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